Quality AAAA (pearl):
Absolute premium quality. The balls are hand-picked and hard to distinguish from new golf balls. The balls can have logos or marks.Best tournament quality.

Quality AAA (pearl/Grade A):
A very very good quality. The balls are nearly perfect, minimal play wear. The balls have a very good luster and may have marks or logos. Tournament quality.

Quality AA (Grade B):
The Lake balls are still good, have small game tracks and abrasion. The balls have still the typical gloss, can be slightly discolored and marks and logos can be present. The balls are still very good tournament

Quality A (Grade C):
The balls can have greater abrasion, never cuts. The gloss can subside, discoloration may be visible. The balls are still suitable for the golfer from handicap 20. It can happen X-Out or practice balls, as well markes and logos